Peer Ministry Leadership
For High Schoolers
Peer Ministry Leadership (PML) is about youth being Christian leaders by caring and welcoming other youth every day, everywhere and in every relationship. PML will give youth the step-by-step training on how to help their friends who are struggling, Give growth in their Christian faith & values and form lifelong habits in helping others.
PML next session will be Wednesday, 
November 4th at 7:15pm in Parsonage Basement,
or on Zoom.  Please follow us on our 
Facebook page to keep up to date.
Open to all High School youth.
Karen Judd & Theresa Kohlmeyer - Youth Leaders

There will be innovative sessions, field trips, movies, games, mentor relationships and more!!

It was a tough decision, but the church leaders and pastor have decided to REVAMP Luther League. What is Luther League now? It's for both the confirmation class (middle schoolers) and youth confirmed (high schoolers) to participate together in Fun & Fellowship activities, and be provided with Missions opportunities.